Olivia Niday
Emergency Manager
306 S. Marshall Steet
Caledonia, MN  55921
p:(507) 725-5834

Emergency Managment

Services and Responsibilities

The Emergency Manager also serves as the County Security/Safety Officer and is an employee of the Sheriffs Office. This position has the same responsibilities as a Deputy Sheriff in that it is responsible for all law enforcement related functions, however, the primary area of responsibility is to establish and maintain:

The security of the Courthouse/Criminal Justice Center complex

The County's Safety Program and related training

The County's Emergency Response Plan

As Emergency Manager this position is responsible for emergency planning, mitigation, response and disaster recovery. Other responsibilities include creating and maintaining the County Emergency Operations Plan. The duties evolved from Civil Defense (Cold War Threats) to all-hazard planning (weather, haz-mat, pandemic, terrorism, natural and man-made disasters).

Pandemic Influenza Planning

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Houston County All - Hazard Mitigation Plan Draft




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